Flexible and foldable solar panels


Innovation & Environment :

US technology, “Made in France” design.
Powertec develops and manufactures portable solar chargers using the latest high-performance photovoltaic cell technology designed for military and NASA needs:
– flexible amorphous triple junction “made in USA”
– monochristallin SunPower©
Powertec flexible or semi-rigid solar panels are lightweight, waterproof, unbreakable and very efficient even in low light or high heat. They slip into your pocket or bag, always ready to use.

According to your urban or Outdoor energies needs; The wide 5V range with a USB port will quickly allow you to charge all your portable electronics devices from the smallest to bigger.


Eager to demonstrate its “green consciousness”, Powertec has redesigned the packaging blisters of its products. How to get rid of these plastic blisters?

To answer this topical question, the company has devised an “intelligent” cardboard made of PEFC paper and printed in vegetable ink identifying each product and always allowing to hang it in shelves. This generates production savings by reducing the number of materials, reducing the weight during transport and eliminating plastic. Namely 65% less paper consumption, 60% water, energy and fuel consumption. So much for the ecological impact.

In 2012, when Powertec launch its new range of compact but heavier products, Powertec could no longer use these ecological but fragile cartons.

Then came the idea of reusable packaging: a PVC bag that cut the hook to hang it on the shelves of our dealers would serve throughout the life of the product (and our panels are made to last very long) To conserve and protect all nomadic load elements…

When we want to, we can and when we can we want!

Chargeur solaire randonnée Powertec
Chargeur solaire 12V pliable ultra léger PT12 Powertec
Panneau solaire USB smartphone et iPhone Powertec