Photo Solar Kit


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The 16W Dual Output panel and universal charger set will allow you to recharge all your batteries in “solar” autonomy during your trips without access to electricity.
Its unrivaled power (2,300 mAh @ 5V and 1,000 mAh @ 12V) and its super light weight (480g) make it the champion of this category.
It is the ideal kit for all outdoor photographers.
All connections included – Ready to Use

In stock

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The Photo Powertec solar kit is composed of a 16 W power panel with 2 outputs, USB 5V and 5521 jack / 12V cigarette lighter.This 16W panel has a unique integrated MPPT technology.

The USB socket charges all your devices such as Smartphones, GoPro & Stabilizers with a power of 2,300 mAh.

The kit is supplied with its universal charger operating via a male cigarette lighter socket which allows you to recharge all the 7 – 9V batteries of your cameras which require a 12V charge: Reflexes, Cameras and Drones.