200g Trekking Kit – Solar charger + Powerbank


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PTFlap6 solar charger combined to PT2500 powerbank is the lightest kit (200g) in the world to charge any 5V devices through USB.
Perfect for all your Outdoor activities !

PTFlap6 Spec Sheet-UK

Warranty 3 years

In stock (can be backordered)


In stock (can be backordered)


In stock (can be backordered)

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The PT Flap 6W SunPower is a new generation portable solar charger. Ultra-slim (1 mm), it is very compact and uses SunPower semi-flexible solar cells with very high efficiency (efficiency >20%).
Weight: 130g
Size:       26*16*0,1 cm

– Foldable
– thanks to its USB port, loads all your USB operating (5V) devices
– Can be fixed on any bag (S hanger not included) or surface thanks to 4 eyelets .


Encapsulation in a high quality ETFE material optimizes its performance by high heat and extends its resistance.


When plugged, this charger is totally waterproof and can fall into water .

High Efficiency

These semi flexible solar cells from Sunpower are high efficiency and turn directly sunlight into 5V electricity.

3 year warranty

Our professionnal solar chargers have a solid reputation of efficiency and robustness

Very Lightweight

An excellent ration between power and weight – less than 200g !

Led control

2 LEDs  to control better exposition of your panel in the sun and optimize power output.

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