Kor official partner of Yoga Festival France


KOR Water France is pleased to renew its official partnership with the Val d’Isère Yoga Festival. KOR bottles combine with the values and benefits of Yoga that rhyme with respect & sustainable development.

What is the Val d'Isère Yoga Festival?

It is a yoga festival that opens its doors between February 28 and March 2 in the mountains of Val d’Isère, organized by Charlotte Saint Jean, Founder of YogaChezMoi.

The program : 3 days of yoga, dance, music, sharing.
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KOR Water & YogaChezMoi

YogaChezMoi and KOR Water team up and launch a small range of bottles to celebrate the Val d’Isère Yoga Festival…

Our Yoga Ambassadors

Charlotte Saint-Jean

Vinyasa Yoga


“I love my bottles Kor water… super colors, very practical and my daughter is having fun changing the message from time to time in one of my bottles – a little surprise in the morning …”

Linda Munro & Gerald Disse

Vinyasa Yoga


“We really like these bottles because the style is pretty and because they are transparent… we like to be able to see what’s in the bottle we drink.”

Cécile Roubaud

Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga


“The water is really pure with it ‘s incredible, and I love the little message inside the cork when I drink, right now I put the message imagine to inspire me!”

Sylvie Dubaud

Ashtanga Yoga


“My KOR follows me everywhere… before, during and after my practice… Indispendable!”

Tiffen Decorps

Ashtanga Yoga


“My bottle and I became inseparable … Thanks KOR to join the beautiful and solid to the very functional!”

Tiffen Decorps

Ashtanga Yoga


“It’s a wonderful bottle, I bring it with me and it’s such a great joy that I became a water worshiper.”