Logo KOR Water - bouteille réutilisable sans BPA

Reusable Waterbottles made with respect

Sustainable by design.

Gourde isotherme acier KOR Rok couleur bois

Kor Rok

Bouteille réutilisable Kor Devi

Kor Devi

Bouteille réutilisable KOR Delta couleur onyx

Kor Delta

Kor Nava

Bouteille réutilisable KOR One couleur chrome

Kor One

Gourde KOR Aura couleur bleu et blanc

Kor Aura
500ml / 750ml

Beautiful waterbottles,

sustainable by design

Co-Brand with KOR

Your logo + KOR = Awesome

Refill your KOR filter bottle filters with KOR coconut filters (100% natural)

Your Body needs water.
Hydrate it with the best it deserves.

A good water within a good bottle, day after day

Reusable waterbottle, sustainable by Design

KOR conceives sustainable products, design and robust to be used daily and lasting for years. Ergonomics is important too as your mouth, lips, and all your body deserves the best to enjoy water daily. Design has the power to change mentality, let’s end with the disposable plastic bottles which are ruining our planet and oceans !

A waterbottle for every usage day work, fitness and travel

KOR waterbottles are made with no BPA to be harmless for your health as well as the planet. They can be with you everywhere along the day. KOR Lineup will suit all your activities, whereas you want to use it at work or in the Gym.

It’s « One hand » opening system has been developped to give you the best confort ever.
KOR Rok, and DEVI water bottles are double wall vacuum stainless steel to keep your drinks fresh and hot for hours.
Aura is so simple and so design it will suit kids and grown ups

If you are into sport, KOR Nava, and KOR Plus are conceived with mouthpiece easy to drink from even in a vertical position.

KOR + will bring all the benefits of a super water.. hydrogen rich water with antioxydants and electrolytes

Filtre pour bouteille filtrante KOR Nava

Kor Nava, a fresh filtration

A revolutionary filtering made with coconut.
We tried to buy a filter bottle that was beautiful, easy to use and pleasant to drink, but we could not find. So we decided to design our own bottle. After 18 months of reflection, drawing, prototyping and generally concerned with every detail, we found the answer.

We called it Nava…

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