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FOR YOUR ADVENTURESProfessionals or hobbyists, around the world

Perfect for daily outdoor usage, trekking or traveling, these unbreakable portable solar panels are made of very high efficiency semi-flexible solar cells from SunPower technology. They charge most devices with a USB cable in a few hours. : iPhone®, Smartphones, satellite phone, GPS, USB drone, Camsport, Boombox outdoor, Reflex or other Sport Cameras.

These solar panels are the lightest, strongest and most efficient on the market; the ideal solution to provide the energy autonomy required by our nomadic adventurers in all situations.



The environment has been reactor’s core since day one !
Reducing our carbon footprint by focusing on clean materials, producing long-lasting products to avoid waste and eliminating plastics, packaging and unnecessary paper was our mission and priority.
Many times criticized for not including an user guide with the packaging, which are usually thrown away after opening… we dared to 2008 !

In 2008, we are abandoning the regular plastic blister  in favor of a  “clever ” paper cardboard. :

    • PEFC paper
    • printed in vegetal ink

    In 2015 we are launching a reusable PVC pocket to replace our cardboard.

    This results in production savings due to a reduction in the number of materials, a reduction in weight during transport and the elimination of plastic. This means 65% less paper consumption and 60% less water, energy and fuel consumption. 

    In 2020, back to the recycled paper blister pack for our best-selling products.

OUR TECHNOLOGYU.S. technology, « made in France » design

Powertec develops and produces portable solar chargers based on the latest technology of high-efficiency, Grade A quality photovoltaic cells in Sunpower© monochrystalline

Our expertise since 2008 allows us to continuously innovate:

On Materials:
Chargers are equipped with high quality ETFE protection + double EVA layering

  • Captures more light and increases absorption by 5%
  • Non-adhesive, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean surface
  • Ultra-light, UV-resistant and extended lifetime

On electronics, essential in the charger’s quality

  • Our panels are now equipped with an auto-restart function in order to relaunch the load in case of a voltage drop (cloudy weather)
  • We’ve also included LED that indicate whether your panel is correctly orientated to the Sun and thus provides maximum load.
  • On our biggest models, we have integrated a miniature MPPT to optimize solar panel performances.

OUR WORLDDiscover our products and travel with simplicity

Powertec solar touring charger

Professional solar Charger

Powertec solar chargers result in many years of both deep know-how and client expectations while Outdoor.  Designed to last, they are unbreakable, lightweight and waterproof. Recommended by outdoor professionals.

> Our solar chargers

GP Powerbank battery for iPhone, laptop, electronic devices

Powerbank external battery

Perfect for recharging your electronic devices (smartphone, tablet, pc), our external batteries are compact, powerful and chargeable with our solar chargers generating 5V and/or 12V thanks to pass-through technology.

> Our external batteries

Outdoor Accessories

In addition to solar panels, Powertec displays an ecosystem of USB rechargeable accessories : lightweight external battery to charge all devices such as iPhone and smartphone , headlamps and torch for your expeditions.

> Our outdoor accessories

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