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FOR YOUR ADVENTURES.Professionals or amateurs, in the 4 corners of the world

Ideal for daily outdoor use, trekking or travelling, these waterproof and unbreakable portable solar panels use the latest generation of high efficiency semi-flexible solar cells.

They charge in a few hours the majority of portable electronic devices equipped with USB cable, USB-C and 12V power supply: iPhone®, Smartphones, Satellite TV, GPS, USB Drones, Camsport, Outdoor Boombox, Reflex or Camera batteries…

These portable solar panels are the lightest, strongest and most efficient on the market; combined with excellent external batteries, Powertec is the ideal solution to provide the energy autonomy required by our nomadic adventurers in any situation.


OUR CSR COMMITMENTNous mettons notre pierre à l'édifice

The environment has been the heart of the reactor since day 1.
Reducing our carbon footprint by favouring clean materials and eliminating unnecessary plastics, packaging and paper was our concern.
Many times criticized for not including user’s guide in the products, which are generally thrown away after opening… we dared to do it in 2008!

In 2008, we abandoned the plastic blister pack in favor of a “smart” cardboard box:

    • made of PEFC paper
    • printed with vegetable ink.

At Powertec Design, we have been fighting against programmed obsolescence and the disposable culture since the beginning.
The choice of materials and the robustness of our solar panels are essential. Two of the main criteria are their quality and the deliberate choice to work only with partners with the same ethics.
All of this is backed by a 3-year warranty against any manufacturing defect to prove to our users that by choosing a Powertec panel, they are making the SUSTAINABLE choice!

The range Sunpower is the epitome of sustainable and ever-improving bestsellers. Launched in 2016, we’ve been reworking the line’s durability and innovating ever since. Each product is tested for quality and UV resistance at the factory and then in-house.

Our customers have been equipped with small ammeters to check the functioning of the panels during customer returns. A win-win action that limits the carbon footprint during the panel’s life cycle (return to the workshop, etc.) and optimizes the customer’s relationship with his reseller, who is thus able to give him a reliable diagnosis immediately.

The choice of a responsible consumption is a major stake which opposes the disposable culture which uselessly uses the resources of our planet: quality, durability.
As a brand, as an industrialist and manufacturer, we take our share of responsibility.

En 2023, Powertec will eliminate all cardboard packaging and paper inside the garment!

The waste generated by each cardboard box (even recycled cardboard) and the instructions inserted in each box disappear…
The packaging of the Powertec charger becomes a reusable “upcycled” bag Nylon – Oekotex 100 standard – which was originally a waste product (a cut of fabric) from the manufacture of parachute hammocks.
The choice of a responsible consumption is a major stake. It is opposed to the disposable culture which uselessly uses the resources of our planet.
As a brand, as an industry and as a manufacturer, we take our share of responsibility.

The instructions are replaced by a QR code on the back of the bag.

By scanning it you have access to all the necessary product information and even more (manual, FAQ, video etc…)!

Powertec= Quality+ Sustainability

OUR TECHNOLOGYA US technology, a "made in France" design

Powertec develops and manufactures its line of professional portable solar chargers using the latest high efficiency photovoltaic cell technology.
We use only Grade A quality monochristalline SunPower© cells.

Our know-how since 2008 allows us to constantly innovate:

On materials:

The chargers are equipped with ETFE protection + double EVA lamination

  • Allows more light to be captured and increases absorption by 5%.
  • Non-adhesive, stain-resistant surface for easy cleaning
  • Ultra light, UV resistant and long lasting

On the electronics, an essential element in the quality of a charger

  • Our panels are now equipped with an auto-restart function in order to restart the charge in case of voltage drop (cloudy passage).
  • We have also integrated LEDs that indicate if your panel is taking the light correctly and providing the maximum charge.
  • Our 12V models integrate a MPPT to optimize the panel’s performance.

OUR UNIVERSEDiscover our products and travel with ease

Nouveau gamme Panneau solaire portable Powertec

Professional portable solar panels

The Powertec portable solar panels are the result of a long know-how. Designed to last, they are unbreakable, ultra-light and waterproof. Recommended by outdoor professionals

> Our solar chargers

Portable solar panels have become a popular way to charge mobile devices such as cell phones, portable batteries and tablets using solar power. Portable solar panels are equipped with USB ports, charging ports, micro USB ports and cigarette lighter ports that allow you to charge the battery of multiple devices at once.

The portable solar panels are equipped with a portable lithium-ion battery and an adapter that allows the portable battery to be charged from solar energy. Cell phones can also be charged using a cigarette lighter or electrical outlet.

The charging time varies depending on the number of devices connected and the capacity of the lithium-ion battery. Some portable solar panels can recharge a cell phone battery in just a few hours.

A comparison of different portable solar panels shows that some models have a higher battery capacity than others, making it possible to charge several devices at once. Some models are equipped with a USB output for connecting charging cables, while others have a built-in battery charger.

Portable solar panels can also be used to charge electronic devices such as iPads, laptops and flashlights. Some models are waterproof and shock resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Portable solar panels also come with a micro USB cable, lightning cable and connector for charging various devices. Some models are compact and easy to carry in a backpack or pouch, while others are foldable and can be hung on the outside of a backpack.

The output power of portable solar panels varies from a few watts to several dozen watts. Some models are equipped with a charge controller to protect connected devices from short circuits.

Portable solar panels are powered by sunlight and sunrays. They produce electrical energy. Monocrystalline or polycrystalline portable solar panels are the most common. Foldable solar panels are also popular because they are easy to carry and use outdoors.

Portable solar panels are a renewable energy source and can be used as a power source for connected mobile devices. They have many advantages, but also some disadvantages.

Advantages include their portability, adaptability to different devices and ability to be recharged from solar energy.
When they are waterproof, they allow you to charge all your electronic devices in the wild.
Disadvantages include slow charging and dependence on solar light for operation. Avoid panels with an internal battery that will be obsolete once the battery is worn out (300 / 500 charges).

Portable solar panels are a convenient and environmentally friendly way to charge electronic devices on the go. They offer a renewable energy source and can be used in a variety of different environments.

Batterie panneau solaire-Powertec - foldable solar panel - iPhone power bank

External Power bank

Ideal for recharging your electronic devices (smartphone, tablet, pc), our external batteries are compact, powerful and chargeable with our portable solar panels generating 5V and/or 12V

> Our backup batteries

The external battery is an indispensable accessory for anyone who regularly uses mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. External batteries allow you to recharge these devices when they run out of power, and offer great freedom in terms of mobility.

External batteries are equipped with several ports, including the micro USB port and the USB port, which can be used to recharge the external battery itself. Some external batteries are equipped with USB type A, USB type C, and lightning ports, making them compatible with a wide range of devices, such as iPhone, Galaxy smartphones and iPads. The external batteries can also be used to charge other devices such as connected watches and Nintendo Switch game consoles.

External batteries have a capacity measured in mAh, which determines how much energy is stored in the battery. The higher the capacity, the more devices the battery can charge before needing to be recharged itself. Some external batteries are equipped with fast charging technology (Power Delivery), which allows a faster recharge of the device.

External batteries are usually produced with lithium-ion batteries, which offer a large energy storage capacity. They can be charged using a micro USB cable, AC adapter, car charger or wireless charger. External batteries can also be charged via a portable solar panel, providing an alternative charging solution when a power outlet is not available.

External batteries are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from compact and slim models to large capacity batteries with multiple USB ports and high charging capacity. Some external batteries come with an external shell that offers additional protection against bumps and scratches.

Finally, external batteries are equipped with an LCD display that shows the remaining charge level and the charging speed. Some external batteries are equipped with Qi technology, which allows for wireless charging. External batteries are a convenient solution for charging all your mobile devices, offering great flexibility and mobility.


Outdoor Accessories

In addition to our portable solar panels, Powertec offers USB rechargeable accessories: external battery for iPhone, smartphone etc. headlamp and torch for your expeditions.

> Our outdoor accessories

How does a generator work?

Generators are equipment that can produce electricity in the event of a power outage or absence of the electrical network. They can be used in a variety of situations, such as to power electrical appliances when working outdoors, to provide emergency power to a building, or to produce energy in the event of a widespread power outage.

Generators can be of different types and have different characteristics. Some are powered by diesel, gasoline or natural gas, while others are powered by renewable energies such as wind or photovoltaic.

The operation of a generator set is based on the production of an alternating electric current through the use of an alternator, which is powered by an internal combustion engine or electric motor. The power rating of a generator is expressed in kilovoltamperes (kVA) and corresponds to the maximum power it can deliver.

Generators can be single or three-phase, depending on the electrical voltage they produce. They can also be equipped with different devices, such as voltage regulators, capacitors or inverters, which guarantee a stable current and a constant electrical power.

Electric generators can be equipped with electric or manual starters, as well as a speed controller to adjust the engine speed according to the required power. Some generators are equipped with cooling devices to prevent the engine from overheating.

Generators can be noisy, but there are soundproofed models that considerably reduce noise pollution. They can also be equipped with safety systems, such as differential circuit breakers or automatic cut-offs in case of overload.

Generators are indispensable equipment in many situations, whether for domestic or professional use. It is important to choose a generator adapted to your needs and to respect the safety instructions to ensure a good operation.

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