Powertec instructions –
PT Flap pocket, 11, 16, 21 series (2022)
PT8 / PT16 Dual & PT24 series (2023)

Connecting to your electronic device

Your Powertec instructions for use for all models: connect your electronic device to the solar panel using your USB-A / USB-C charger cable or 12V cigarette lighter cable.
Unfold the solar panel and point it in the direction of the sun.
Your mobile device will start charging immediately if there is sufficient light and the panel generates enough power to charge the connected device – see movie in the user manual page.

If a charging indicator does not immediately come on your electronic device, make sure that the power delivered by the solar charger is sufficient for your device.

Note: The Powertec panel does not store energy but converts light into electricity instantly.
Use a Powerbank to store energy and to be able to release it later (or in the middle of the night)

Meaning of the LEDs – charge controllers

PT6, 11 & Pocket models: 2 LEDs on the housing allow you to check that your panel is providing electricity when orientated in natural light.
1) Right LED lights up red: the panel is producing electricity.
2) The left LED lights up when you plug in your device, which allows you to optimise the exposure to the sun: it can change from blue/purple: between 50 and 75% of output, to green: 100% of output

PT 16 & 21 models: a red LED verifies that the panel is producing electricity when unfolded in the light. It is turning green when the light exposure is excellent.

PT 8, 16 & 24 models: a BLUE LED verifies that the panel is producing electricity when exposed/unfolded to light.


– The overall efficiency of the solar panel depends on cloudy conditions, weather, shading, cell temperature…
– The output voltage of the solar panel depends on the electronic equipment connected.
– The solar panel is not designed to generate electricity from artificial light.
– Avoid exposing your device to direct sunlight during charging.
Precautions – Maintenance
– Even though the foldable solar panel is flexible, DO NOT FOLD YOUR PANEL ANYWHERE BUT INTO THE PRE-ENCLOSED PLATES in the fabric.
– DO NOT FOLD OR FLATTEN on sharp objects.
– DO NOT machine wash, dry or clean.
– Use a cloth to clean the surface of your solar panel. Make sure it is completely dry before storing it.

Tips for use

If you have difficulties charging the battery of your electronic device:
– Turn off your device when charging from the sun.
– If your device lights up every time the sunlight decreases to indicate a low charge, you risk draining the battery completely.
Option 1:        You can only charge your device on clear, sunny days when the sunlight intensity is constant or sufficient.
Option 2 : connect a buffer battery (also calles Powerbank) between the solar panel and your device to regulate and obtain a constant current.

Powertec batteries can be charged and discharged at the same time.
If you use a different battery, you will need to do two things: charge the battery with your solar panel, then charge your device with the battery.


– Check all connections between the solar panel and the device you are trying to charge, the condition of the wiring and the connections.


Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about the Powertec manual.
For more details, you can also consult the FAQ page.

Does the solar panel store energy?
No. Solar panels do not store energy but convert sunlight directly into a 5V or 12/15V electrical voltage.
It is the batteries that store the energy produced by the solar panel.
How do I know if my solar panel is working?
Check the charge indicator on the device or electronic accessory being charged.
Can the solar panel drain my battery at night?
No. The solar panel is equipped with an anti-backflow diode that prevents the solar panel from discharging your battery.
What happens if the solar panel gets wet?
The solar panel is made of waterproof materials. Wipe the panel with a clean dry cloth and allow it to dry before folding and storing. DO NOT leave the solar panel in water if the USB output is empty. It
It is not waterproof. When used in rain, it is on the protected side of the solar panel.


This product is covered by a 3-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials affecting its performance. “Powertec will replace the defective product at no charge when returned with proof of purchase within the warranty period by the original purchaser.

This product is not warranted against wear or damage caused by abuse and/or misuse.

In addition, any unit showing signs of wrinkling or deformation of the photovoltaic cells is not covered under this warranty.
NOTE: Since the conditions and methods of operation, use and maintenance of the photovoltaic cells are beyond the control of the manufacturer, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility and specifically disclaims any liability for loss, damage or expense associated directly or indirectly with such operation, use or maintenance.© 2023 Powertec