The backpack is the necessary accessory for any hike…
To have your hands free when moving on uneven terrain, when sliding, when climbing, when hiking is an obvious choice.

The backpack has made its mark on the outdoor world

Its usefulness has been proven.
Its size and its bedding have been adapted in all sorts of ways.
The way it is attached, the number of straps, the number of pockets, its waterproofness, its weight, all these parameters have been adapted in all forms.

Moreover, it is difficult to ask a real outdoor man to change his old backpack. This companion is part of adventures and it is often very complicated to make the experienced adventurer change his bag.

Some people decorate their backpacks with stickers, badges of the countries they have visited and the adventures they have had. The backpack thus becomes the living memory of the traveller.

The backpack has also become a lifestyle product

Because it is also practical, it was necessary to add a layer of elegance to the “Outdoor” backpack in order to make it part of everyday life.

In the 80’s, the famous “US Bag” appeared and was a real hit with students. Easily found in army surplus, this khaki bag also became a territory of unlimited expression for its owner who personalised it with rock bands, poems, quotes etc…

Having become an obvious object for all schoolchildren, several rather technical brands of luggage or “outdoor” objects follow suit by introducing trendy colours and ever more interesting materials…

The eco-friendly backpack in the 2000s.

It wasn’t until the 2000s that environmental awareness got the better of overconsumption that upcycled products (recycled materials) emerged, or products made mainly from plastic bottles.

This is the case of the Ticket To The Moon backpacks, which from the end of the 90s are made with the scraps of the hammocks of the homonymous brand. The desire to produce beautiful, colourful, resistant bags (made of nylon silk – an indestructible material used to produce parachutes) and hand-sewn to complete a guarantee of quality.