Semi-rigid solar charger PT Flap 16W Dual-Output 5V/12V SunPower


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Dual Output MPPT Foldable Solar Charger

Integrates 2 USB and 12V outputs as well as a MPPT power tracker optimizing the maximum power point: 2300mA at 5V and 1000mA at 12V for 500g!
This flat and foldable charger uses flexible solar cells with very high efficiency (20%).

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Warranty 3 years

Available on backorder

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The PT Flap 16W SunPower is a new generation portable and foldable solar charger that uses high efficiency solar cells (> 20%).
It is the world’s first charger to incorporate a dual 5V & amp; 12V as well as MPPT (Maximum Point of Power Tracking) electronics that optimizes the voltage drop of the panel during cloudy passages and thus its efficiency: 2300mA at 5V and 1000mA at 12V for less than 500g!

It transforms light directly into 5V / 12V electricity and charges in a few hours the majority of devices equipped with USB charging cable (Smartphones, GPS running watches, Camera Sport, Powerbank, Accus 12V..etc.).
Its ultra-flat (4mm) shape encapsulates it in a high-quality ETFE material, optimizes its performance by high heat and extends its resistance to wear.

It transforms light directly into 5V and 12V electricity (Jack / cigarette lighter socket) and charges in a few hours all devices capable of being recharged via a USB port (iPhone, Smartphones, running GPS & Trackers, Boombox, Camera Sport , Drones, Powerbank … etc) and a cigar lighter charger (Photo Reflex chargers etc)
The Flap 16W will accompany you during all your sports exploits (Trail, running, Outdoor)!

• Ultralight, water resistant, semi-rigid and unbreakable
• Hangs on a backpack, attaches to the window (suction cups)
• Ideal for everyday use, for recreation and hiking Outdoor
• Charges all 5V devices with a USB charger cable (including iPhone)
• Fits or attaches to any support

• Dimensions: 26 x16 x 0.1 cm
• Weight: 500g
• Nominal Voltage USB Output: 5,2V & 12V
• USB Output Intensity: 2300 mA / 1000 mA

Warranty 3 years

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Weight0.45 kg

Spécifications Techniques

  • Dimensions : 26 x16 x 0.1 cm
  • Poids : 500g
  • Voltage nominal Sortie USB : 5,2V & 12V
  • Intensité Sortie USB : 2300 mA / 1000 mA