Solar charger PT Flap 21W Triple-Output USB A, USB-C & 12V MPPT


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Triple output foldable solar charger with MPPT power tracker

Incorporates 3 USB A, USB-C and 12V outputs and maximum power point optimization (MPPT).
This flat, foldable charger uses SunPower’s highly efficient flexible solar cells ( > 20%).

Output : 5V and 12V – USB Power : 2300mA at 5V and 1000mA at 12V

Recharge all your devices : Smartphones, iPhone, GPS running watches, MP3, GoPro, Drones, USB Boombox, Powerbank …etc.

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The PT Flap 21W SunPower is a new generation portable and foldable solar charger uses flexible solar cells with very high efficiency (> 20%). It is the first charger in the world to integrate a triple 5V & 12V output as well as MPPT electronics (Maximum Point of Power Tracking) which optimizes the voltage drops of the panel during cloudy periods and thus its efficiency: 3000mA at 5V in USB-C and 1200 mA at 12V for less than 700g! It transforms light directly into 5V / 12V electricity and charges most devices equipped with a USB charger cable (smartphones, GPS running watches, Sport Camera, Powerbank, 12V batteries, etc.) in a few hours. Ultra-flat in shape (4mm), its encapsulation in a high-quality ETFE material optimizes its performance in high heat and extends its resistance to wear. The Flap 21W is the solar station for adventurers who want total autonomy!

Characteristics • Ultralight, water resistant, semi rigid and unbreakable • Can be attached to a backpack thanks to the provided carabiners • Ideal for intensive use, expeditions and Outdoor hikes • Charges all 5V devices equipped with a USB charger cable (including iPhone) • Charges all 12V batteries, and in particular the PT111. • Dimensions: folded-26 x16 x 1 cm, open 60 * 16 * 1cm – 690g • Nominal voltage USB output: 5.2V & 12V • Output currents: USB A: 2.1A USB-C: 3A, 12V: 1A

 Unbreakable charger Premium materials, ultra-high impact resistance. Withstands extreme conditions.

Water resistant

Solar charger 100% waterproof, splashproof and water immersion.

Very high efficiency

Semi-rigid monocrystalline cells guarantee a high performance charge.

3 year warranty

All our solar chargers guarantee a high level of quality and performance

Ultra-light and practical

Unbeatable power to weight ratio: 500g.

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