Hiking equipment will no longer be a secret for you.
Summer is the right time to go for a walk in the nature self-guided hiking to work on your endurance or to recharge your batteries in the heart of the most beautiful landscapes of France or any other country. Alone, with family or friends, hiking, trekking, trail, etc. with several nights should not be prepared lightly, especially if you do not sleep in a refuge. In this article, you will discover the hiking equipment necessary for your survival, your safety and your comfort for an autonomous hike.

Think first about the hiking food

The first thing to think about when hiking is food and water. Take something to eat, including dehydrated food and cereal bars, but also utensils (plates, cutlery, multipurpose knife, cup, etc.). To heat your supplies or simply to warm up, the flint (also called fire starter) will be perfect to light a fire easily with small wood and a knife..

Stay hydrated with an insulated water bottle to keep the water cool or a filter bottle. Worried about running out of water? Pack a water treatment solution for your reusable bottle.

The hiking clothes to choose

Hiking clothes are important, especially to protect yourself from cold or insects. It must be comfortable, waterproof and adapted to all weather conditions as well as to hiking: jacket, pants, socks, shoes, hat, sunglasses, etc. Think also of breathable T-shirts that allow to evacuate perspiration. To stay warm, opt for thermal clothing, a fleece, a hat, gloves, etc..

A well organized hiking bivouac

The backpacking camp will be the place to relax and survive after a long day of hiking. Here is the equipment for your camp:

– Small tent,
– Sleeping bag adapted to the outside temperature,
– Self-inflating mattress,
Waterproof headlamp and/or rechargeable flashlight,
– Survival blanket,
– Protection against insects (for example a mosquito net).

We also advise you to bring a portable charger to install in your bivouac which can take the form of a foldable solar panel. Thanks to this solar charger, you will be able to recharge your electronic devices quickly and easily, by USB cable.

Survival accessories to take with you

Sleeping in the wilderness can be a real survival, sometimes in a hostile environment. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to bring a few survival items in your backpack such as an emergency whistle. For your orientation, use a compass and a map of the area where you are going. In case of a small or big injury, the health kit will not be too much for you.

Do not forget the electronic devices for hiking

Electronic devices are not left out and can be very useful like the hiking GPS or the GPS watch that you can recharge with an external portable powerbank battery itself charged with a usb solar charger.

Powertec offers all these quality products for your self-guided hiking with the only concern of allowing you to connect and charge all your devices for the greatest energy autonomy and in the greatest respect of the planet!