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In the midst of the energy crisis, the government is trying to avoid the worst this winter: power cuts. To achieve this, there is either sobriety, or the use of an electric generator

Faced with the message that the government has been hammering for weeks, an electric generator would simply save the energy that can be saved…
What the media has called the energy “sobriety”.
The government alerts and seeks at all costs to avoid power cuts this winter.
In the middle of the energy crisis, the French are wondering how to avoid this risk which is becoming so real…

A real economy of each could avoid cuts at the end of the year assures the head of the State…

But since the risk is real, there are other solutions available to us.

Use an electric generator to reduce consumption from the electricity network

An electric generator is composed:

  • a portable charging unit, a kind of large electric battery that will play the role of energy storage
  • foldable and portable solar panels which once unfolded and connected to your external battery will allow the charge of your external solar portable battery.

Générateur portable solaire 120

The external battery is an accumulator that will allow you to charge or power everything in case of power outage.

Its “mobile” use is also perfect during all your travels or activities “Outdoor” or on isolated sites not electrified.
It has all the plugs to charge your electronics in nomadism (USB-A, USB-C, 12V cigar lighter) like smartphones, cameras, drones, laptops, lamps etc…
Plus, it also integrates classic AC sockets (220V mains socket) in order to connect classic electrical appliances such as TVs, lamps, PCs, fans etc…

Temps de charge batterie EBA3

The solar panel is the “alternative” charging instrument of these electric generators; in fact, the electric group is charged both on the mains and via the solar panels (which gives you autonomy in the event of a power cut).

By using 100W or 200W panels, you recharge the electric generator in an acceptable time which gives you the desired autonomy.

An ecological (renewable energy) and silent solution that allows you to free yourself from network outages

A solar electric generator is thus a perennial and very interesting solution for energy autonomy.

The battery using the latest LiFePo4 technology allows for 2500 to 3000 charges vs 500 charges for competing batteries that use traditional LiPo.
The latest generation of high efficiency mono-crystalline solar panels will also work for 10 years and more…

Add to that the fact that you have autonomous energy needs because you practice camping, outdoor, have a remote site not electrified and other lifestyle in nature (#Vanlife) …

Then this solar electric generator is perfect for your needs.
All you have to do is choose the capacity/power of the battery you want according to the devices you want to charge/power: 600W, 700W or 1000W are currently on sale on the Powertec website.

There are other even more powerful solutions that play the role of ESS (Energy Storage System) generators that allow us to guarantee the power supply of our home if there is a power outage, just like the UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) system that ensures the power supply of users.

Any question , just reach us at contact@powertec.fr

The choice of outdoor professionals since 2008.

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All Drones users know The Fly More Kit which optimizes the use of the DJI Mavic 2 drone!






This kit which includes a whole series of essential accessories for extensive outdoor us. Namely 2 DJI Mavic 2 batteries, a cigar lighter socket  and a charging station (allowing you to recharge several batteries in a row).

If the cigar lighter charger provided in the Fly More DJI Mavic 2 kit allows charging from the cigar lighter socket of your vehicle, it is also the essential accessory to use your DJI Mavic Drone in complete autonomy by charging it from the Solar charging station powered by Powertec.

Mont Logan Expedition










Indeed, from the 16W Tactic Pack imagined by Powertec, we have a portable battery storage unit , 30.000mA / h @ 4.5A max and allowing the recharging in particular of all electronic devices that have a 12V charging system by car cigar lighter socket.
The PT111 battery can be recharged via any 12V Powertec solar panels:
– PT16Flap Duam Output (5V & 12V) solar charger
– or by our latest PT21 USB-C   Tri Output panel (we have added a nativ USB-C, 3Amp @ 5V  to the existing 5V and 12V .
With these 2 panels, you can load your 12V batteries in 6 to 7 hours.
The battery will thus constitute a reserve of energy to charge or power your DJI Mavic Drones batteries.








The “pass-through” system here takes on its full meaning for a solar charging station: the solar panel charges the Powertec battery which recharges the Mavic batteries.

The latest fully autonomous expeditions have benefited from this technology in order to be able to power their drones during their journey which lasted more than 40 days in total autonomy.
The drone, which has become an effective means of reconnaissance to trace its route in perilous places such as glaciers or rugged trails, thus becomes an object of comfort and safety beyond taking photos and videos which it is difficult to do without.
Thus, Powertec who proudly celebrated its 12th anniversary a few months ago, has established itself in the very competitive market for solar solutions.
Its uniqueness in offering its solar charging solutions makes it the specialist in DJI Mavic Drone charging by portable solar solution.

We accompany several major expeditions each year in their conquest of new spaces, and allows them to face these new adventures in complete safety.

In Sun We Trust !


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Since it arrived on the first smartphones a few years ago, USB-C has been gaining ground. We can see it on all our electronic devices and it is slowly becoming the connectivity standard of tomorrow.
But if USB-C is first and foremost a design, i.e. a connector that can be plugged in any direction (phew!), what about its characteristics and why do all the manufacturers keep on boasting about the integration of this standard in their new electronic products?

USB-C or USB Type-C, is first of all a standard relating to the cable connector, which differs from the USB-A, microUSB and Lightin connectors that we knew until now, and that we found on many Android smartphones and iPhone.

Like its cousins, a USB-C port can be used to charge devices, exchange data, and even transmit audio and video streams.
It is finally through these last uses that USB-C finds its universality.

But what interests us here is that USB-C is, like other USB standards, made to charge.
USB-C offers several energy profiles. While the classic USB operated in 5V, then in 5.2V then in 3.7V only allowed 2.5 Watts then 5Watts of power, the Type-C offers a minimum of 10 Watts (which explains the new standards of smartphone Fast charge) and a maximum of 100 Watts, which allows the charging of a computer.

Powertec has been working since 2016 on this new standard which opens a small revolution, both in terms of charging and connectivity and products to charge.
In order to develop a USB-C ecosystem, the R&D of the first USB-C solar charger has just been completed with a market launch in 2021.
To accompany it, a series of new USB-C accessories to charge everything quickly, including:

(5V / 3A)

, microUSB+ USB-C + Lightin

integrating USB-C in/out charging

Thus equipped, the next USB-C solar panel + its accessories will provide you with all the comfort of a light, robust and fast mobile charge!

Have a nice trip !

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The portable charger so you don’t run out of power wherever you go!

Today, as you know, solar energy has become a more environmentally friendly alternative. Sometimes you can see photovoltaic panels on the roofs of houses. This is not without reason, because it is a way to create electricity for free and without effort. Its reduced version is the portable solar panel that you can take it everywhere for your outdoor activities to recharge your devices.

Why is it useful to buy a solar portable charger?

It’s no secret that more and more people are addicted to new technologies at the same time as the increase in the sale of connected objects. And when your device runs out of battery, you feel like you have no contact with civilization. Moreover, your mobile can be useful to prevent the rescue and save your life at the same time.

That’s why, for your safety, to reassure yourself and be more Zen, opt for a quality portable solar charger for your outdoor activities: hiking, trekking, running, trail, camping, on your boat, etc.

Yes, but for which devices should you use a solar charger for hiking?

You will use this type of solar charger for all devices that can be recharged via USB port, such as :

– Everyday digital devices: tablet, phone (smartphone and iphone), camera, gaming console, boombox, powerbank, etc,
– Outdoor gadgets: mp3 player, GPS, flashlight or headlamp, LED lighting, GoPro, drone charging, running watch.

Various solar chargers at your disposal

The usb solar charger is chosen according to weight, size, power, intensity, use and price. At first, you find the classic charger. But, there is the foldable and flexible solar panel, very practical. Each one has its own characteristics including a power of 6 to 100W, an intensity of 1000 to 3000 mA and a voltage of 5v and/or 12v.

How does the solar smartphone charger work?

The iPhone solar charger works like photovoltaic panels. The usb solar panel is installed facing the sun, placed on the ground or another support.
Some can even be hung on the backpack or tent and fixed to the windows. Afterwards, your universal charger must be connected by USB cable. This one captures the sun’s rays to transform them into electricity (5v ) that recharges your device.

A single flexible solar panel with multiple benefits

The  Dual Output 12v and 5v solar charger has several advantages:
– Ecological, because it creates clean energy (without CO2) and helps protect the environment,
– Free production of electricity,
– Quiet,
– Practical, because it can be easily transported without taking up too much space (light, foldable or small and sometimes flexible),
– Some are unbreakable because they are made of semi-rigid monochristalline
– Water resistant and can be used at all times.
– Able to charge any electronic device from a smartphone to a laptop or a drone

Are you looking for a quality portable solar panel?
Discover the Powertec foldable solar chargers.

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Francois GirardFrancois Girard
08:00 03 Jun 22
achat panneau défectueux.Retour en garantie et réception d'un panneau neuf.Pour le panneau, je verrai avec le temps. Pour le respect de la garantie, c'est très bien.Premier test à réception le matin : okDeuxième test cet AM: le panneau présente les symptômes du premier.En parallèle le panneau à 15 euro est OK.Que dois je faire pour un avoir un panneau fonctionnel. Payé + de 120 euros(99 euro aujourd'hui) + les frais d'envoi du premier ?
Fox MulderFox Mulder
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Un SAV au TOP. J'ai eu un problème avec le panneau solaire après 2 semaines d'utilisations. L'équipe de Powertec n'a pas cherché à comprendre si ça venait d'une mauvaise utilisation. Ils me l'ont réparé. Il est comme neuf. Un grand merci!
Sylvie EsdourrubailhSylvie Esdourrubailh
17:37 29 Mar 22
Emportés sur les chemins de compostelle, ces petits panneaux m'ont permis de recharger mon portable aisément. Très bonne qualité. Je réfléchis à en équiper mes enfants!
Lo PrigeLo Prige
15:46 28 Mar 22
Un beau savoir-faire à la française !
Patrick BonifasPatrick Bonifas
11:51 25 Mar 22
Chargeur solaire très performant et complet au niveau des connexions
11:43 25 Mar 22
Chargeur solaire pt21 au top , prix un peu élevé mais la qualité et la robustesse sont au rdv
Puc SavissevicPuc Savissevic
09:37 24 Mar 22
Livraison rapide, je suis très satisfait de la robustesse du panneau que j'ai acheté