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Portable Power Station: Eco-Friendly and Convenient Solutions for Power Needs

As technology continues to evolve, we rely more and more on electronic devices to power our daily lives. From smartphones to laptops, tablets to cameras, we need a reliable source of power to keep them all running and charge their battery for long day use. This is where portable power station come into play, offering the best eco-friendly and convenient solution to our power needs.

One of the leading companies in the portable power station industry is EcoFlow, which offers a range of products designed to cater to the diverse power needs of consumers. The EcoFlow River Max is one such product, featuring a powerful 288Wh battery capacity and a sleek, portable design that can be easily carried around. With multiple USB ports, USB-C ports, AC outlets, and DC outputs, the River Max can charge for hours all your devices on the go with different output from 5V to 220V

EcoFlow’s flagship product, the Delta, is another popular choice among consumers looking for a reliable power source. With a whopping 1260Wh capacity, the Delta can power everything from small electronic devices to heavy-duty appliances, such as refrigerators and power tools. The Delta can be charged in multiple ways, including through solar panels, AC outlets, and carports, making it a versatile and reliable power source for any situation.

Another top player in the portable power station market is Jackery, with its Explorer line of products. The Jackery Explorer 1000, for instance, features a 1002Wh battery capacity and can power everything from laptops to mini-fridges. With multiple charging options, including solar panels, AC outlets, and carports, the Explorer 1000 is a convenient and eco-friendly solution for those on the go.

For those looking for a more affordable option, the Powertec Portable Power Station is a great choice.

With a 600Wh and a 1000Wh battery capacity, it can charge multiple devices simultaneously and can be charged through solar panels or AC outlets. The Powertec Portable Power Station is also lightweight and compact, making it a perfect companion for camping trips or outdoor adventures.

Powertec offers on top a long experience within portable solar charging mode, offering the best cell technology ever with Sunpower. This solar know how is very important as the solar mode is the best solution to charge portable solar station on-the-go.
Indeed, solar has been designed for such applications and Powertec is a leader in this field.

Anker Powerhouse, PowerOak Portable Power Station, and Bluetti Portable Power Station are some other options available on the market. They offer various features like wireless charging, longer battery life, and portability.

The convenience of portable power stations cannot be overstated. They are not only essential for those who love camping and outdoor adventures but also for those who live in areas with frequent power outages or natural disasters. Portable power stations offer a reliable source of power for all your devices, allowing you to stay connected to the world even in the most challenging situations.

When shopping for a portable power station, it’s important to consider factors such as battery capacity, charging options, and portability. Price is also a crucial consideration, as portable power stations can be a significant investment. However, the convenience and peace of mind they provide make them well worth the price.

In conclusion, portable power stations offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution to our power needs. Companies like EcoFlow and Jackery have made significant strides in the industry, offering a range of products designed to cater to different power needs. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or someone who wants to stay connected during a power outage, a portable power station is a must-have item. So, choose the one that suits your needs and stay powered up, wherever life takes you.

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Any Drone user knows the Fly More Kit from DJI Mavic 2 that allows to optimize flying time and battery charging.









This Fly More Kit from DJI Mavic 2 comes with an Air Car Charger  used to charge the Intelligent Flight Battery through the car’s 12 V accessory socket. It comes with low-voltage protection to ensure enough starting battery voltage for the car. Overheating protection will automatically cut off charging if the accessory port exceeds a certain temperature.

For Powertec, car’s 12V aaccessory socket also means charging on-the-go through solar charging station, thus without needing any car power but only taking advantage of Powertec technology.

Indeed, with its Pack 16W Tactic, Powertec has developed a powerfull portable Powerbank rating 30.000mA/h @ 4,5A max and allowing to charge any electronics devices in outdoor (from 5 to 21V) using the same car’s 12V accessory socket for all battery needing more that 12V output.







The so called  PT9014 can be charged by both normal DC plug or on the go by the solar panel  PT16Flap or the latest PT21 USB-C and this in only few hours of good sunny light.
The battery will thus be a powerbank that allows to charge or reload your DJI Mavic drones battery while you are Outdoor !

The “pass-through” technology takes here all its interest  for this efficient solar charging station : the solar panel is charging the Powertec Powerbank which meantime is charging the DJI Mavic 2 battery.

Latest adventures in full autonomy during more than 6 weeks have experienced this latest Powertec technology and thus have been able to power their DJI Mavic 2 batteries during more than 40 days into the wild.
A drone is not only a great way to take pictures and videos but is also a great security means while you have to find your path within dangerous icepaths with numerous holes that could endanger the whole trip. This security element has now become part of adventure and it would be a shame not to take advantage of..

Powertec has blown its candles of 12 years of existence few months ago : it has become a reference in this very competitive solar panel market thanks to this kind of very efficient solautions . This solar station is thus unique and makes it very special for DJI Mavic Drone portable charging solutions.

We are proud to be part of big adventures each year for these reasons, giving thus a sense to our initial mission ..  bring autonomy to their users in full confidence of efficiency and now add this security level that makes adventurers a bit more confortable .

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Avis Clients

Francois GirardFrancois Girard
08:00 03 Jun 22
achat panneau défectueux.Retour en garantie et réception d'un panneau neuf.Pour le panneau, je verrai avec le temps. Pour le respect de la garantie, c'est très bien.Premier test à réception le matin : okDeuxième test cet AM: le panneau présente les symptômes du premier.En parallèle le panneau à 15 euro est OK.Que dois je faire pour un avoir un panneau fonctionnel. Payé + de 120 euros(99 euro aujourd'hui) + les frais d'envoi du premier ?
Fox MulderFox Mulder
20:10 21 May 22
Un SAV au TOP. J'ai eu un problème avec le panneau solaire après 2 semaines d'utilisations. L'équipe de Powertec n'a pas cherché à comprendre si ça venait d'une mauvaise utilisation. Ils me l'ont réparé. Il est comme neuf. Un grand merci!
Sylvie EsdourrubailhSylvie Esdourrubailh
17:37 29 Mar 22
Emportés sur les chemins de compostelle, ces petits panneaux m'ont permis de recharger mon portable aisément. Très bonne qualité. Je réfléchis à en équiper mes enfants!
Lo PrigeLo Prige
15:46 28 Mar 22
Un beau savoir-faire à la française !
Patrick BonifasPatrick Bonifas
11:51 25 Mar 22
Chargeur solaire très performant et complet au niveau des connexions
11:43 25 Mar 22
Chargeur solaire pt21 au top , prix un peu élevé mais la qualité et la robustesse sont au rdv
Puc SavissevicPuc Savissevic
09:37 24 Mar 22
Livraison rapide, je suis très satisfait de la robustesse du panneau que j'ai acheté