Charge your Powerbank with solar

Load your external battery with solar

Charge your powerbank with solar power is now possible. Powertec panels can charge external 12V or 5V USB-C Power Delivery batteries.
Combined with your Powertec solar charger, they give you the greatest autonomy to power all your portable electronic devices.

The Powertec solar chargers are designed for the outdoor professional and can charge all portable electronic devices including external batteries.
Thus the panel + battery set is perfect to make your laptops work in large spaces or in a habitat without electricity.
The material is light, compact, robust and very efficient.

So how do you choose your external battery and solar charger?

To choose your external battery, you need to know the charging requirements of your electronics. Here we will differentiate between 5V products (USB) and 7/9V photo & video products or Drones which require a 12V battery.

This will allow you to choose the battery capable of charging / powering your electronics.

Indeed, the solar charger has the function of recharging your external battery in an environment where there is no conventional power outlet. It acts as a buffer and it is this buffer that powers the drone.

But there is a “range changer”: the new USB-C standard.
Indeed, the USB-C in Power Delivery mode is able to deliver 5V but also 9 and 12V from the same port …
If your electronics have a USB-C charging port, you no longer have to worry about the voltage between 5V & 12V

The power of solar charger allows you to define how quick you charge a powerbank with solar.

But in a Power Delivery approach, the big advantage of the 5V PT Flap11 + PT 20.000 kit is the price but also the weight of 700g!

If you opt for the more versatile PT111 and Multi-hub (3 USB ports + 1 DC 5521 9 to 20V port) you will need at least one 12V generating panel to charge it, either a PT Flap 16 Dual Output or a PTFlap 21 Triple Output.

1Kg of charge will allow you to charge absolutely everything with solar power… that’s why they are called Ultralight Solar Charging Stations.

Perfect for adventurers who go on a total autonomy trip for several weeks, these panels have the following advantages
1) integrate a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker)
2) to operate in 5V and 12V, thus offering a wider range of charging capacities, especially for photo/video
3) to be able to charge a PT111 battery which embeds a USB-C and will allow to charge everything, Drone, as laptop or Mac while roaming.

Batterie Externe ordinateur

Charge your powerbank with solar !

USB-C laptop kit


batterie externe 5000 mAh

 5000mAh Powerbank
2 * USB-A

Powerbank PT 10.000

10.000mAh Powerbank

Batterie PT 20.000 mAh P.D - USB-C POWERBANK

20.000mAh Powerbank
USB-C  / P.D 22Wh


 5/21V Powerbank
111Wh – USB-C P.D


5V Solar charger - Light USB-A battery

Chargeur Batterie 5000 mAh

5V solar charger - USB-C Battery 22W P.D

USB-C laptop kit

USB-C Solar charger . 5/20V Battery

chargeur batterie 20V



choisir son chargeur solaire pour ordinateur portable


“Powertec is the only manufacturer that allows me to evolve in nature without worrying about the autonomy of my batteries. Whether it’s for my laptop or my cameras, to charge your powerbank with solar is a guarantee of security in addition to allowing me to film and take pictures during each short or long outing!”
Antoine Taillefer-  Outdoor man