Torch light or headlamp?

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to outdoor lighting, where we explore the benefits of headlamps and torches for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts in France.
Looking for reliable lighting for your outdoor adventures?
Whether you prefer hands-free with a headlamp or a more powerful light source with a torch, we’ve got all the information you need to make the optimum choice. Lighting is essential to your safety and comfort on outdoor excursions, and it’s important to choose the best option for your specific needs.


“Headlamps: Your hiking companion

Headlamps are indispensable companions for hikers. Worn on your forehead, they leave your hands free to hold your walking sticks, prepare a meal or consult a map. With powerful LEDs, they provide effective close-up lighting, ideal for reading maps or preparing camp.

Lampe frontale
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Torches: power to your hand

Torches offer impressive light output for illuminating long distances.
They’re ideal for marking trails, spotting obstacles or signalling your presence in an emergency.
A torch can also be used as a back-up light source in your camp.

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When to use a headlamp?

Headlamps are perfect for close-range outdoor activities, such as map reading, camping cooking and observing wildlife at night. They are lightweight and compact, perfect for hikers who want to travel light.

When to opt for a torch?

Torches are ideal when you need an extended range of light, whether you’re exploring dark trails, inspecting your surroundings in depth or signalling your presence from a distance. They are robust and powerful.

The Powertec GP line offers the first 2-in-1 headlamp and torch, practical in all circumstances.

Selection criteria and recommendations

When choosing between a headlamp and a torch, consider factors such as range, battery life, charging mode, weight, carrying comfort, and specific features, such as lighting modes.
Choose the option that best meets your personal needs for hiking and outdoor activities.
In particular, think about recharging via an external battery and/or solar charger to be truly autonomous.

lampe torche puissante
Charging your lamp using a Powerbank and/or solar charger

Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the best option for night-time hiking? For night-time hiking, a headlamp is generally more practical, as it allows you to keep your hands free to hold your equipment or support yourself in the dark.
  • How do I choose the ideal light output? Light output depends on your needs. For close-range use, a headlamp with low to medium wattage will be suitable. To illuminate greater distances, opt for a powerful torch.
  • How long does the battery last? Battery life varies according to use. Make sure you choose a torch with sufficient battery life for your planned activities.
  • Can a torch be used as an emergency light when hiking? Yes, a torch can be used as a back-up light source in an emergency or if your main headlamp fails.
  • Are headlamps comfortable to wear on long hikes? Yes, most headlamps are designed to be comfortable to wear, with adjustable straps and lightweight materials.


In conclusion, the choice between a headlamp and a torch depends on your specific needs for hiking and outdoor activities. Headlamps offer practical close-range lighting, while torches give you extended light output. Depending on your itinerary and preferences, you can opt for one or both to maximise your outdoor experience. Make sure you choose a quality option to ensure your safety and comfort on all your outdoor adventures.