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Solar battery: a portable power station for your mobile needs

The solar battery is one of the most popular power methods for portable power stations. These portable power generators can be powered in several ways, including mains, cigarette lighter, hybrid and solar.

However, the solar battery is the most practical option for nomadic users and those in non-electrified areas. The portable power stations use LiFePo4 batteries, which outperform LiPo batteries in terms of life span and charge cycles.

In fact, LiFePo4 batteries offer up to 2,500 to 3,000 charge cycles, while LiPo batteries can only offer 500. In addition, the LiFePo4 battery is safer and more stable than LiPo batteries, making it more suitable for mobile use.

High-performance solar batteries for sustainable autonomy

The charge of the solar battery is fast and efficient thanks to a specific cable, which allows to reach up to 80% of capacity in only 30 minutes of charge. Once fully charged, the portable power station can power all your devices autonomously thanks to its multiple USB, USB-C, 12V and 220V integrated plugs.

LiFePO4 battery packs are available in a range of power ratings from 600W to 3000W, and offer 8 to 16 outlets to power all your devices on the go or in case of a power outage at home. 

The EB3A Portable Power Station is an excellent choice to protect your desktop computer. Your file servers and other sensitive devices from data loss or damage as a backup power supply in the event of a power failure.

In short, the solar battery is a very convenient option for powering portable power stations. It offers fast charging and full autonomy for all your devices while on the go or in case of a power outage at home.

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