The external battery: the ideal solution to recharge your usb and electronic devices on the move

Nowadays, smartphones and other electronic devices have become indispensable companions in our daily lives. However, their battery life can be a real headache, especially when you are on the go. To solve this problem, the external battery is the ideal solution. We are going to present you the different features and functionalities of external batteries, as well as the price and capacity criteria to take into account to choose the model with the right mah that suits you.

The external battery: what is it?

An external battery, also known as a powerbank, is a portable power source that allows you to charge your electronic devices while on the go. It has a rechargeable battery and USB ports to allow you to connect your various devices. The capacity of external batteries is usually measured in mAh (milliamp hours), which indicates the amount of energy the battery can store and deliver.

Features to consider when choosing an external battery

There are different types of external batteries on the market, each with its own features and functionality. Here are the things to consider when choosing an external battery that suits your needs:

  • Capacity: The capacity of the external battery is one of the most important criteria to consider. It determines how much energy the battery can store and deliver. The higher the capacity, the more times the external battery will be able to charge your electronic devices.


  • USB Ports: The USB ports on the external battery are also an important consideration. Make sure the battery has enough ports to charge all your electronic devices. Some models also offer USB-C ports for faster and more efficient charging.


  • Charging Technology: Some external battery models feature fast charging. technology, such as Power Delivery or Quick Charge technology, which allows for faster charging of electronic devices.


  • Design and size: battery should be easy to carry and store in your bag or pocket. Choose a compact and lightweight model for more convenient use.


  • Brand and price: External batteries are available in a wide range of prices and brands. Choose a reliable and reputable brand to ensure superior quality and battery durability.

The different brands of external batteries

There are many brands of external batteries on the market, each with its own features and functionality. Here are some of the most popular brands:

  • Belkin Boost: This brand offers external batteries with capacities up to 10,000 mAh and USB-C ports for fast charging.
  • Anker PowerCore: Anker PowerCore external batteries are known for their fast charging capabilities and sleek design. Some models also feature USB-C ports for faster charging.
  • Powertec: the French specialist in portable solar chargers and power solutions for outdoor professionals offers a short but very efficient range of external batteries from 10,000 mAh to 30,000 mAh . With Power Delivery on every powerbank, the range is definitely at the forefront of technology and allows fast charging of smartphones and phones at affordable prices… It is also one of the few players to offer a mobile charger.