Wireless Induction USB charger


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TURQUOISE 10W wireless charger - with micro USB cable

Lightweight (58g), fast and elegant. A 10W wireless charger with foot and non-slip rubber coating. The travel companion while charging your smartphone easier than ever with a Powertec solar charger
Wireless output: 10W (max.)
Charging via phone cases (max. 5 mm)
Detection of foreign objects
Non-slip rubber foot and coating
Includes micro-USB cable

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Quick Charge:

  • Input : 5V / 2A ou 9V / 1.67A via Micro USB
  • Wireless Output : 10 W (max.)
  • Charges through phone cases (max. 5 mm)
Only 7mm thick
Non-slip rubber foot and coating

Fonctions de sécurité intégrées

Detection of foreign objects 

Overheating safety


If too much current is flowing through the battery or if conditions are unfavorable, the charger may overheat. That is why we have installed an overheating protection, to ensure that the battery works safely and to avoid all the risks associated with overheating.

Shock resistant


Dropping can cause serious damage to the battery, which in turn can damage the charger and the USB device. If luck is really not on your side, it can also happen that the battery catches fire or explodes. That’s why GP PowerBank has protection that prevents damage that could result from a shock or fall.

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