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The CR41 is a powerful IPX7 (water-resistant) torch that can be recharged via the micro USB cable supplied, using either a battery or a POWERTEC PT Flap 8 solar panel.

A rechargeable torch with an impressive 1,000 lumen beam and a range of 170 metres.
Easy to use, its design and functionality have been thoroughly researched. Four lighting modes and SOS mode give a sense of security in the dark.

Lumens: 1000 lm
Beam range: 170 m
Autonomy: 40 h
Lighting modes: 100% – 75% – 50% – 25% – SOS – Off
Rechargeable , 1 x Li-Ion 18650
Adjustable focus
Anodised aluminium casing
Waterproof to one metre (IPX7)
Shock resistance: 2 m
Batteries: 1 x Li-Ion 18650 (rechargeable)

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Lumen 1000
Beam range 170 m
Autonomy Up to 40 h
Rechargeable yes
Water resistance IPX7
Drop resistance 2 m
Batteries 1 x Li-ion 18650 included
Dimensions 142.5 x 33 mm
Weight including battery 190 gr

– This torch withstands immersion in 1 m of water for 30 minutes
– Beam setting
– 4 brightness levels + SOS mode
– Supplied with hand strap
– Micro USB cable included
– Durable anodised aluminium casing
– Can be used with 1 hand

Waterproof to 1m for 30 mins
– Beam adjustment
– 3 brightness levels + SOS mode
– Supplied with hand strap
– Micro USB cable included
– Durable anodised aluminium case
– Can be used with 1 hand

A 1000 lumens portable lighting device with a powerful light source that provides effective illumination in dark areas.

They are often used in situations where there is little or no ambient light, such as camping, hiking, DIY work or in the event of a power cut. Powerful torches are available in a variety of models, with different features to meet the specific needs of users. One of the main characteristics of a powerful torch is its luminous flux, measured in lumens. Powerful torches generally have a high lumen count, which means they produce a significant amount of light. This allows a larger area to be illuminated effectively, giving greater visibility in the dark. Powerful torches are generally equipped with LED lamps, which offer several advantages over traditional lamps. LEDs are more energy-efficient, allowing the lamp to last longer when used with batteries or a rechargeable battery. What’s more, LEDs last longer than traditional bulbs and are less sensitive to shocks, making them an ideal choice for use outdoors or in difficult conditions.

A powerful light that can also be rechargeable.

…allowing it to be recharged via a USB cable, mains charger or cigarette-lighter adapter. This feature eliminates the need for batteries, making the torch more economical and environmentally friendly to use. Rechargeable torches are often fitted with lithium-ion batteries, which offer longer runtimes and faster recharging than other types of battery. Another important feature of a powerful torch is its beam. Some torches have a narrow beam that illuminates long distances, while others have a wide beam that illuminates a larger area at close range. Some models have a zoom function, so the beam can be adjusted to suit the user’s specific needs. Powerful torches can also have different lighting modes, such as full power turbo mode, strobe mode used to signal an emergency situation or disorientate an attacker, low power mode for prolonged use and flashing mode to attract attention. Some models also feature a light intensity control, allowing users to choose the amount of light emitted by the lamp according to their needs.

In terms of design, powerful torches are generally compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry and use. They are often made from aluminium alloy, making them impact-resistant and durable. Many powerful torches are also waterproof, making them ideal for use outdoors or in wet conditions. In conclusion, a powerful torch is a portable lighting tool, equipped with a powerful light source that provides effective illumination in dark areas. They are often rechargeable, with LED lamps offering long life and low power consumption. Powerful torches are available in a variety of models offering different features, such as an adjustable beam, different lighting modes and a compact, hard-wearing design. These features make them an essential tool for many outdoor activities or when bright light is needed.

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Katarina Montfort
Katarina Montfort
Un coup de tel, un devis signé, un paiement par chèque, et ma Bluetti livrée. Soleillement votre. Kat
Henry Piton
Henry Piton
j ai acheté le PT 11 et la batterie 65w pour être autonome lors d'une mission a Madagascar; j'ai pu recharger mon pc HP notebook avec la batterie et un adaptateur USB C femelle /male JACK 4.5x3mm H6 19.5v2.31-5.2Amax for HP
Livraison rapide, produit conforme, service contact efficace et rapide
Jenny Diab
Jenny Diab
Je suis partie dans le désert du Sahara avec le Kit Randonneur. Ce n'est pas mon premier trek, avant je partais avec 2/3 batteries externes pour pouvoir continuer à faire mes photos avec mon téléphone. Cette année, avec Kit Randonneur, c'était parfait, le panneau était constamment au soleil donc la batterie à rechargé très rapidement et une fois posée dans les bivouacs, je branchais direct mon téléphone au panneau pour garder la batterie pour la nuit. Un super kit qui fait vraiment bien le job, super qualité, léger, passe-partout (dans un sac à dos, une valise etc...) et résistant ! Un super produit que je recommande et que je vais continuer à prendre avec moi :)
Coralie B.
Coralie B.
Étonnée de la rapidité de la livraison ! On sent à peine les 300g. Acheté pour un trek dans les Alpes. J'ai fait un petit test avec une batterie solaire, ça l'a directement mis en charge. A voir après plusieurs jours en pleine nature ! Je completerai mon avis de ce fait. Maj 19 août : 7h en plein soleil : 50% de charge sur batterie externe. Charge distribuée ensuite efficacement. Je suis plus que ravie, merci !
bruno claus
bruno claus
Expédition rapide, j’ai acheté un PT Flap 11 que nous allons utiliser en Août sur la traversée des Alpes ( 5 semaines) . Très bonne qualité de fabrication au visuel. Premiers tests en statique concluants et correspondant aux spécifications. Je ferais un retour mi septembre à nôtre retour ✌️
BELMOND Jean-Pierre
BELMOND Jean-Pierre
très bon produit