Solar Tactical Kit / PT21 USB-C + PT111 Battery

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The Tactic pack has been designed for nomadic professionals and adventurers who need to be completely autonomous in their energy needs.
This Powertec technology charges absolutely all portable electronic products from 5 to 21V, including Drones and laptops and all battery packs from any type.
All cables and accessories included – Ready to use –

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This pack is a portable solar charging station
Total weight = 1,4 kg

21W Triple output panel including 1 native USB-C output with integrated MPPT charge controller (600g)

+ PT111 Battery – Li-Po 30.000mAh / 111Wh with 5V – 20V dimmer
Charging via USB A, USB C and 12/15V plugs
+ Universal battery charger (Vario type) for stick batteries and 3-8V batteries
+DC 5521 Male / Female cable in extension mode + DC5521 Male / Female cigarette lighter cable for 12V charging from battery outlet or solar panel

NATO Approval No.: 6130-14-597-7268


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Weight 1 kg