In an increasingly connected world, having a reliable source of energy is crucial, especially when out in the great outdoors. This is where the Hiking Solar Panel comes in. Practical, environmentally friendly and independent, this device has become a must-have for lovers of outdoor activities.

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What is a Solar Backpacking Charger?

It is a portable device that converts solar energy into electricity to charge your electronic devices. Designed to be compact and lightweight, this type of charger can be easily carried in your backpack.

Some models are even foldable for added portability. By using a solar backpacking charger, you can power your smartphones, tablets, GPS, cameras, and more, all from the power of the sun.

Why choose a solar panel for hiking?

The main reason to choose a solar charger for hiking is the energy independence it offers. Indeed, you are not limited by the capacity of a battery or the availability of an electrical outlet. As long as the sun is shining, you can keep charging your devices.

On top of that, a solar charger is environmentally friendly. It does not emit greenhouse gases and does not use non-renewable resources. In addition, solar technologies have improved a lot in recent years, making solar chargers increasingly efficient and affordable.

How to choose the right hiking solar panel?

When choosing a solar charger, several factors should be considered. First, capacity. This refers to the amount of power the charger can produce. For a multi-day trek, opt for a high-capacity charger.

Next, height and weight. A good hiking solar charger should be compact and lightweight so as not to clutter up your backpack. Also, make sure the charger is durable and water resistant as it will be exposed to the elements.

The Best Solar Backpacking Chargers on the Market

There are many backpacking solar chargers on the market, each with their own pros and cons. Some of the most popular models include the Anker PowerPort Solar, Goal Zero Nomad, and Powertec design. The latter is particularly appreciated for its high load capacity and durability.

How to use a solar backpacking charger effectively?

To maximize the efficiency of your solar charger, place it directly under the sun. Avoid shadows and try to orient it so that it receives the maximum amount of sunlight. In addition, regularly clean the solar panels to remove dust or dirt that could reduce their performance.

Powertec Hiking Solar Charger

Powertec’s portable solar panels combine convenience, efficiency and durability. They offer an unprecedented outdoor experience, while allowing you to stay connected thanks to a portable solution, foldable and adaptable to all your needs.

Portable solar panels have a multitude of applications thanks to their compact size, light weight, ease of use and high performance. They are an ideal alternative for your outdoor activities, while respecting the environment.

Our portable photovoltaic devices transform solar energy into a renewable energy source for a variety of uses. They can charge your electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS, power banks and drones, as well as rechargeable batteries.


The hiking solar panel is a must-have for any wilderness outing. It keeps you connected and operational, while being environmentally friendly. Whether you’re a casual hiker or a seasoned adventurer, this device deserves a place in your gear.


  1. Does the hiking solar panel work on cloudy days?

    Yes, but with reduced efficiency. Most chargers can still produce power, but their charge rate will be slower.

    2. Can the solar backpacking charger charge multiple devices at once?

    Some models have multiple USB ports, allowing multiple devices to be charged simultaneously.

    3. Can I use the solar charger to power other devices than electronics?

    It depends on the charger and the device. Some backpacking solar chargers can also power lights, fans, and other small appliances.