SolarTrekking Kit 270g- Pannel + 5.000mAh Powerbank


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solar trekking kit 270g . It is composed with the  PTFlap6 , lightest solar charger of Powertec lineup combined with a 5000mAh Powerbank.
This light and unbreakable set will charge all your electronics devices on the go through USB port… Perfect for all your Outdoor activities !

PTFlap6 Spec Sheet-UK

Warranty 3 years

In stock (can be backordered)


In stock (can be backordered)


In stock (can be backordered)

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This Solar Trekking kit 270g is composed with:
– a 121g unbreakable solar charger
– a 149g tiny  5000mAh Powerbank.

Encapsulation in a high quality ETFE material optimises its performance in high heat and extends its resistance to wear.

It transforms light directly into 5V electricity and charges in a few hours all devices capable of being recharged via a USB port (iPhone, Smartphones, GPS running watches & Trackers, Boomboxes, Sport Cameras, Drones, Powerbanks…etc.).
This solar trekking kit will accompany you during all your sporting exploits (Trail, running, Outdoor)

Features • Ultralight, water resistant, semi rigid and unbreakable • Hangs on a backpack, attaches to the window (suction cups) • Ideal for everyday use, for leisure and Outdoor hikes • Charges all 5V devices equipped with a USB charger cable (including iPhone) • Can be placed or fixed on any support

Solar Panel Specifications
– Dimensions: 26 x16 x 0.1 cm
– Weight: 121g
– Rated voltage USB output: 5.2V
– USB output current: 1000 mA
– 4 eyelets for simple and robust mounting

 Unbreakable charger

Premium materials, ultra-high impact resistance. Withstands extreme conditions.

Water resistant

Solar charger 100% waterproof, splashproof and waterproof.

 Very high efficiency

Semi-rigid monocrystalline cells guaranteeing you a high performance load.

3 year warranty

All our solar chargers guarantee a high level of quality and performance

Ultra-light and practical

Unbeatable power vs weight ratio. Very compact and less than 270g!

Charge indicator

LED technology built into the USB case to monitor sunlight exposure and charging power.

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Sylvie EsdourrubailhSylvie Esdourrubailh
17:37 29 Mar 22
Emportés sur les chemins de compostelle, ces petits panneaux m'ont permis de recharger mon portable aisément. Très bonne qualité. Je réfléchis à en équiper mes enfants!
Lo PrigeLo Prige
15:46 28 Mar 22
Un beau savoir-faire à la française !
Patrick BonifasPatrick Bonifas
11:51 25 Mar 22
Chargeur solaire très performant et complet au niveau des connexions
11:43 25 Mar 22
Chargeur solaire pt21 au top , prix un peu élevé mais la qualité et la robustesse sont au rdv
Puc SavissevicPuc Savissevic
09:37 24 Mar 22
Livraison rapide, je suis très satisfait de la robustesse du panneau que j'ai acheté