The 35th MARATHON will take place, as it has every year since 1986, in the southern Moroccan Sahara desert. This year, from 3 to 13 April 2020. This race is still open to walkers, in stages, self-sufficient in food and free pace.

More than a marathon, this is a true Ultra Trail, as it takes place over a distance of 250 kilometers, with each competitor obliged to carry his or her own equipment (food and equipment compulsory).

Plus qu’une performance physique, ce Marathon est avant tout une expérience humaine. puisque les participants peuvent courir pour une cause et ainsi recueillir des fonds pour une association caritative.

The compulsory equipment includes a headlamp and spare batteries. With today’s USB-chargeable headlamps, you can recharge your headlamp using a USB solar charger specially designed for use in total autonomy.

This year, the PTFLap 4 used until now has been replaced by the PTFLAP6, which is 20% more powerful and weighs almost exactly the same (109g). Quite simply, it’s the lightest and most powerful USB solar charger on the market. Its 1000mAh @5V will enable you to recharge your Garmin-type GPS watches, USB headphones, external/back-up batteries and most smartphones – For an even more powerful model, opt for the Pocket Power 6.4W model minimum.

Ce Marathon est respectueux de l’environnement et tente de contenir les déchets afin que ce dernier puisse avoir encore lieu de nombreuses années !

Powertec is proud to support all Marathon participants and teams with a Promo Code offering a 20% discount on the Powertec models best suited to this event: PTFlap4, PTFlap6 and PT Pocket Power 6.5W.

Have a good race!
In Sun We Trust !