We can now communicate, photograph and listen to music anywhere, thanks to ultra-modern mobile devices… Great! But when it comes to autonomy, the only solution is still portable solar chargers.

Solar chargers are synonymous with summer and sunshine… A misconception?

Panneau solaire portable _ chargeur solaire USB en Patagonie

There’s no such thing as the right season for any good hiker plying his trade in open country or wilderness.

Whatever the weather, you can charge your electronic devices just as easily on a cloudy day or in winter, even through glass. Let’s be pragmatic, the charging time will be a little longer. Generally speaking, you’ll need double the time in winter.

USB solar charger: A wide choice and a wide range of performances

The internet offers us a huge choice of mobile chargers, but the quality isn’t always up to scratch.
If you want to use a solar charger as your main charger, check at the time of purchase that the panel’s capacity delivers at least 800 mAh, enabling you to charge your various digital objects efficiently.

Thanks to its full range of USB solar chargers, POWERTEC can ensure a very high performance charge for all your mobile devices.
The PTFlap 6 and PT Flap 11 portable chargers are perfectly suited to your walking and trekking conditions. Semi-rigid, they are ultra-flat, ultra-light, ultra-strong and very easy to carry on your rucksack or hang on your tent.

Chargeur solaire USB Pocket Power en hiverOutdoor and extreme trekking enthusiasts will be able to travel with complete energy autonomy and recharge their devices at any time, thanks to the new hybrid panels with 2 integrated 5V and 12V outputs. (Current range 1000 to 2000 mA).

Lightweight, water-resistant, semi-flexible and unbreakable, the PT FLAP range attaches to rucksacks, tents and other items – Ideal for everyday use, leisure and travel – Charges 5V & 12V powerbanks, smartphones, GPS, boomboxes and other mobile devices.

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