Thanks to the different types of nomadic solar chargers available on the market, wanderers, hikers and backpackers are now connected wherever they are

But each charger has its own specificity!

Before launching yourself, it is important to choose your nomadic solar charger according to the device to be charged, the necessary power, the use… It is up to you to research and ask the right questions to find the solar charger that will meet your expectations. Moreover, find us directly on our live chat on our website.

In the city, always with his nomadic solar charger

Attached to your smartphone or MP3 player, the mobile solar charger is more than enough for these devices that consume little. The pocket solar chargers re-boost devices as well as batteries and small batteries. Beware of the short duration of charges … They are small and therefore recharge for a short time. Question of proportion!

In the mountains, the generators and portable solar panels keep you connected

Whether you are on the road to Machu Picchu, Everest or on the trails of the Black Forest, nomadic solar chargers will never leave you. During your outdoor activities, hiking, camping, the use of several mobile devices consuming large powers (smartphone, camera, gps hiking …) is often essential. It is therefore necessary to be able to recharge them quickly and efficiently.

Easy to carry, unbreakable and often waterproof, the solar generators offer the possibility of attaching a foldable solar panel that can supply 12 or 220 volts!

For your outdoor sports activities, the mobile solar charger is your best ally. With a direct connection to your devices or batteries, the power of these solar chargers varies between 4 and 50 watts and converters can even be connected to some models.

They will allow you to keep in touch with civilization, to recharge your GPS, to take sublime pictures or movies with your drones wherever you are… To you the autonomy!

Powertec, the inventor of mobile solar energy

With its full range of portable solar chargers, POWERTEC can provide high performance charging for all your portable electronic devices.

Whatever your budget or your physical activity, POWERTEC offers a complete range of nomadic solar chargers (currently on promotion), unbreakable in line with your expectations. Combining a US technology with a French design, the solar chargers are real assets for your outdoor activities.

The solar chargers PT FLAP 11w and 16 w dual-output SUNPOWER are perfectly adapted to your hiking or trekking conditions. Flexible or semi-rigid, they are very easy to carry in your backpack or attached to your tent. Outdoor or extreme trekking enthusiasts will be able to travel in complete energy autonomy and recharge their devices at any time thanks to the hybrid panels with 5V and 12V outputs. Smartphones, GPS or Boombox will never let you down again.

POWERTEC panels are always ready to use, whether you are in the middle of the desert or at nightfall in a forest… Lightweight, waterproof, very high efficiency, all solar panels meet your needs and travel time.

« In Sun We Trust  »