The beginnings of Powertec: Pioneering Portable Solar Technology

Ten years ago, Powertec began shaping the future of portable solar technology. It was 2008, a time when companies like Solariflex and Brunton, as well as Powertec, realized the growing importance of mobile power, spurred by the rapid spread of cell phones. Our mission was clear from the start: to develop USB solar chargers that are as light, powerful and compact as possible.

The price challenge: Technical product or Mass Market?

Beyond compactness, lightness and power, the question of price quickly became a determining factor. Would the cost be low enough to make the solar charger a mass market product, or would it be reserved for a niche of “technical products”?

Initial barriers: high costs and emerging technology

The early years were marked by revolutionary technology, but at a prohibitive cost. The materials needed, such as solar cells, and the know-how were both expensive and new. Although our solar chargers were revolutionary in terms of weight, durability and flexibility. Their high price was a major barrier to widespread adoption.

The turning point: lowering costs and improving efficiency

A few years later, a combination of factors led to a major turning point. Manufacturing costs began to fall, the efficiency of solar cells improved. Our expertise in miniaturizing electronics advanced.

This allowed Powertec to launch one of the first USB solar chargers capable of delivering 1000mA at a price of around €100. Our competitor, Solariflex, has taken a similar route, helping to raise market awareness of this new technology.

Solar generator Powertec GPT600
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Powertec: Reliable Supplier of Quality Solar Charger

Today, we are proud to offer our customers quality products backed by a three-year warranty. The reliability of our solar chargers is such that the failure rate is almost zero. Their robustness has been tested and proven, allowing us to fulfill our mission.

A Sustainable and Reliable Source of Energy

At Powertec, we are committed to providing our customers with a sustainable and reliable source of energy. We want you to be able to rely on our products to provide you with energy, wherever you are, whatever the circumstances, for many years to come.

That’s our mission for sustainable products and renewable energy, and we’re proud to say that we’re fulfilling it every day.

Powertec’s Future: Continuing to Innovate in Solar Energy

As we celebrate our tenth anniversary, we remain committed to innovation in solar energy. We will continue to improve the compactness, power and efficiency of our solar chargers, while keeping them affordable for the general public.

The future is bright for Powertec, and we look forward to what the next ten years will bring.