All Drones users know The Fly More Kit which optimises the use of the DJI Mavic 2 drone!






This kit which includes a whole series of essential accessories for extensive outdoor us. Namely 2 DJI Mavic 2 batteries, a cigar lighter socket  and a charging station (allowing you to recharge several batteries in a row).

If the cigar lighter charger provided in the Fly More DJI Mavic 2 kit allows charging from the cigar lighter socket of your vehicle, it is also the essential accessory to use your DJI Mavic Drone in complete autonomy by charging it from the Solar charging station powered by Powertec.

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Indeed, from the 16W Tactic Pack imagined by Powertec, we have a portable battery storage unit , 30.000mA / h @ 4.5A max and allowing the recharging in particular of all electronic devices that have a 12V charging system by car cigar lighter socket.
The PT111 battery can be recharged via any 12V Powertec solar panels:
– PT16Flap Duam Output (5V & 12V) solar charger
– or by our latest PT21 USB-C   Tri Output panel (we have added a nativ USB-C, 3Amp @ 5V  to the existing 5V and 12V .
With these 2 panels, you can load your 12V batteries in 6 to 7 hours.
The battery will thus constitute a reserve of energy to charge or power your DJI Mavic Drones batteries.








The “pass-through” system here takes on its full meaning for a solar charging station: the solar panel charges the Powertec battery which recharges the Mavic batteries.

The latest fully autonomous expeditions have benefited from this technology in order to be able to power their drones during their journey which lasted more than 40 days in total autonomy.
The drone, which has become an effective means of reconnaissance to trace its route in perilous places such as glaciers or rugged trails, thus becomes an object of comfort and safety beyond taking photos and videos which it is difficult to do without.
Thus, Powertec who proudly celebrated its 12th anniversary a few months ago, has established itself in the very competitive market for solar solutions.
Its uniqueness in offering its solar charging solutions makes it the specialist in DJI Mavic Drone charging by portable solar solution.

We accompany several major expeditions each year in their conquest of new spaces, and allows them to face these new adventures in complete safety.


Enhancing the Fly More Kit with Powertec Solar Solutions

The integration of Powertec’s solar charging solutions into the dji mavic 2 fly more kit significantly enhances the drone’s capabilities for extended outdoor use. By incorporating the PT16Flap Dual Output and PT21 USB-C Tri Output solar panels, users can maintain their drone’s operational status even in the most remote locations. These panels are specifically designed to maximize efficiency and versatility, providing multiple charging options to suit various needs. The PT16Flap offers both 5V and 12V outputs, while the PT21 includes a native USB-C port capable of delivering up to 3A at 5V, alongside the existing 5V and 12V outputs. This flexibility ensures that users can charge a wide range of devices, including the Powertec portable battery and DJI Mavic 2 batteries, directly from solar power.

The pass-through charging system offered by Powertec allows the solar panel to charge the portable battery while simultaneously powering the DJI Mavic 2 drone batteries. This capability is crucial for expeditions where continuous power is necessary, such as during long-duration reconnaissance missions in challenging environments. The 30,000mAh capacity of the PT111 battery provides ample reserve power, ensuring that drone operations can continue uninterrupted, regardless of access to conventional power sources. By leveraging the reliable and efficient energy conversion of Powertec’s solar panels, drone users can achieve greater autonomy and flexibility in their activities.

Real-World Applications and Future Prospects

The practical applications of combining the dji mavic 2 fly more kit with Powertec’s solar charging technology are vast and varied. In recent expeditions, where explorers have ventured into uncharted territories for over 40 days without access to traditional power grids, this technology has proven indispensable. The ability to maintain drone functionality in such conditions not only enhances the safety and efficiency of these expeditions but also opens up new possibilities for scientific research, environmental monitoring, and adventure filmmaking. Drones equipped with the Fly More Kit and powered by Powertec solar solutions become vital tools for mapping, surveying, and documenting inaccessible areas, providing critical data and stunning visuals that would otherwise be impossible to obtain.

Looking ahead, the continued advancement of solar charging technology promises even greater benefits for drone users. Innovations in photovoltaic efficiency and battery storage capacity will further extend the operational range and duration of drones, making them even more versatile and reliable. As Powertec continues to refine its product offerings and expand its presence in the market, users can expect to see increasingly sophisticated and user-friendly solutions that cater to the evolving needs of both recreational and professional drone operators. With the commitment to sustainable energy solutions, Powertec not only enhances the functionality of drones but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable future for outdoor technology.

In summary, the synergy between dji mavic 2 fly more kit and Powertec’s solar charging systems provides a powerful and eco-friendly solution for extended drone usage. This combination ensures that drone enthusiasts and professionals alike can explore and document the world around them with unparalleled freedom and reliability. Whether embarking on an expedition, conducting research, or capturing breathtaking aerial footage, the enhanced capabilities provided by these technologies make them essential tools for modern adventurers.

In Sun We Trust !