In appearance, a portable solar panel looks like another portable solar panel.

Portable solar panel in Patagonia

To make your choice, you can focus on the essential and apparent criteria such as
– Weight
– Power (expressed in W and in mAh)
– Size or bulk
– Breakable technology (Mono and PolyChrystalline rigid) or unbreakable (Monochrystalline semi-rigid / CIGS, aSi )

But there are many other criteria if you want to “lift the cover” and see how the portable solar panel is designed.

  • Indeed, the first surprise can come from the quality of the cells and thus their output. Do not be mistaken, with the same power panel there can be a ration of 1 to 3 in the price of the cells that compose it.
  • The second surprise can come from the quality of assembly of the cells. Indeed, the protective layer above the cells will strongly influence the aging of the portable solar panel and its cells, thus its performance and ultimately its operation.
  • The third surprise can come from the electronics, too often bogged down and not adapting to the ever-changing needs of the electronic products that we recharge.

At Powertec, we design professional portable solar chargers first and foremost, and we systematically fine-tune our solar panels before we put them on the market. We choose the latest and most efficient cells, such as the SunPower cells recently used in the PT Flap 4,6,11,16 and recently 21 and Pocket Power series.

In addition to the Maxeon technology used on Powertec portable solar panels, we use a unique encapsulation process on our panels with UV and ETFE treatment. We absorb more light vs a simple PET for traditional panels, no trace of bubbles or cracking of the cells after 12 months of exposure.
In short, robust and efficient.

As for the electronics, Powertec innovates again with the first USB box with integrated LED allowing the optimal adjustment of the orientation to the light of the panel as well as the first Dual Port 5V / 12V on its PT FLap 16 with the first MPPT tracker in the world.

That’s how we explain some differences, which makes us the market leader for 10 years now…

And we would like to thank you all here for your loyalty!!!